With an enhanced standard of living, more and more Vietnamese women use cosmetic products that have taken care of beauty as an essential need. Up to 73% use skin care products at least once a week or more often. The most popular skin care products are cleanser, sunscreen and facial mask.

The use of makeup products is still increasing both in terms of frequency of use and expenditure for this category. The number of daily make-up increased to 30% and the number of completely non-makeup people decreased from 24% (2016) to 14% (2019). The most commonly used makeup products are lipstick, foundation cream and blush.


Beyond the general trend of e-commerce, the number of online cosmetics buyers is still increasing, with 57% of cosmetic users having bought cosmetics online and 72% have bought them products via social networks.
Facebook is the most popular social networking site for cosmetic purchases.
Shopee is the most popular e-commerce site to buy beauty products. Next is Lazada and Tiki.

The report is surveyed with the number of participants 480. Between the ages of 16-39 and living in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. The report was announced by Q & Me in January 2019.

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Source: oscartranads.com


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