Q&Me is the Vietnam market online research. Using a vast number of our panelists, we investigated the popular shampoos in the market as well as the common issues of their hair care. The research is conducted for 1400 Vietnamese aged from 16 to 59, with male and female are 700 respectively.

Clear tops both of male / female market

When it comes to the brand, Clear from Unilever came as the top brand for both of male and female. For male, X-Men came as 2nd with 28% and followed by Romano with 12%. While in women’s shampoo market, Unilever is still the main player with more than 45% with Clear, Sunsilk and Dove; then come Pantene and Head & Shoulders from P&G.

Yet, when we take it into consideration by region, the ranking is quite different among the North, Middle and South. For women, Sunsilk is the top brand in the North with 20% while Clear is the most popular in the Middle with 26% and South 25%.

For men, X-Men is the top brand in the North with 29% and the Middle with 33% while Clear is the most preferable in the South with 36%.

Dandruff for male, Hair loss for female

So, what kind of hair care problems do consumers have? It seems like female has more issues than male, as 13% of female did answer that “they do not have any issues” while the number increased to 35% for male.

The most common issues for male are “dandruff” (28%), followed by “itchiness” (15%) and “dry hair” (15%). Yet, hair problems for men occur more often as the age increases; especially for men in 40’s with more issues about dandruff, hair loss and oily hair.

On the other hand, female has more concerns about hair loss with 47% people point out that they have the issues; what comes after are the dandruff (32%) and dry hair (23%). Unlike men, women’s issues are more diversified and varied from ages.

Regarding satisfaction, 62% of male and 52% of female are either “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with their current shampoos. When it comes to the age, 20’s has 58% of satisfaction while 30’s have 54%. 64% has replied that the current shampoo has helped them solve their hair care issues with the number goes to 72% for male and 57% female.

With what we have found, although consumers seem satisfied with their current shampoo, the demand of looking for another shampoo is still high, especially for some special treatment products which has raised great concerns among female consumers.

Theo Ms. Chi

Nguồn: https://qandme.net/


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