How to Care for Men’s Skin

To care for skin effectively, men need to understand the nature of their skin, carefully read the instructions for use, pay attention to washing their face every day, shaving, and combining moisturizing and sun protection. The demand for skin care in men is increasing day by day, but men tend to care for their skin too simply and pay little attention to the different physiological characteristics. Here are some tips suggested by Vietnam Beautycare Expo to help men care for their skin more effectively.

Identifying your skin type before starting skin care

It is very important to identify your skin type correctly, which is the basic foundation to help you care for your skin effectively and choose the right skin care products.


Sensitive skin: Easily irritated when using cosmetics, feeling tingling and burning after using unsuitable skin care products.

Normal skin: Is the easiest to care for, most balanced, and ideal skin.

Dry skin: Lack of moisture, roughness, peeling, and itching.

Oily skin: Feels sticky and shiny.

Combination skin: This is the most difficult to care for skin, when many different conditions appear at the same time, dry skin, oily skin in different parts of the face.


Reading product labels carefully

Product ingredient and label information is essential for you to choose the right products. Use products labeled “non-comedogenic” and “oil-free” if you have acne-prone skin, these products can help to prevent clogged pores. Fragrance-free products labeled with “fragrance free” are also suitable for acne-prone skin.

Products labeled “unscented” may contain fragrances that can irritate the skin.

Washing your face thoroughly before proceeding with other skin care steps

Wash your face daily, in the morning after waking up, at night before going to bed, and after exercising. Use a cleanser that is appropriate for your skin type (cleanser for acne-prone skin, oily skin, or dry skin, etc.). Do not use soap or hot water, as this can dry out your skin.

Skin care must pay attention to shaving techniques

Change razor blades frequently, after 5-7 shaves to prevent skin irritation. It is best to use a single or double razor blade and not to stretch the skin when shaving to prevent ingrown hairs and razor cuts. Moisten your skin, use shaving cream to soften the beard, and shave along the direction of hair growth.

Moisturizing is an important step in skin care

Moisturizing helps to keep water in the skin, making it easier for the skin to absorb other skin care products, reducing wrinkles, and making the skin brighter and healthier.

Regularly visit a dermatologist for the most accurate skin care methods

Skin care is similar to body care, both require close monitoring. There are many factors that affect your skin that cannot be seen with the naked eye, and there are also many problems inside the skin. Therefore, it is necessary to visit the dermatologist regularly to detect these hidden problems.

The dermatologist will check the skin using modern equipment, noting any abnormalities in the skin. Based on the results obtained, the doctor can accurately conclude the current skin condition, provide treatment methods, and select suitable skin care products to improve the skin for men.

Skin care must be combined with the use of sunscreen when going outside

Sunscreen helps to effectively prevent damage from UV rays and helps to reduce wrinkles, brown spots, and skin cancer.

It is best to choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with water resistance with an SPF of 30 or higher. However, the best way to protect your skin is to find shade, wear long sleeves, a wide-brimmed hat, etc.

In addition to skin care, you need to pay attention to your diet, lifestyle, and exercise

To have healthy and beautiful skin, internal skin care is essential, and eating and a regular lifestyle play an important role. Drinking plenty of water, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, and limiting foods that contain alcohol, spicy food, fast food that is high in oil and sugar, etc., will help your skin stay healthy and reduce acne. In addition, regular exercise and enough sleep will make your body refreshed, your mind relaxed and clear.


The above are some simple skin care tips shared by Vietnam Beautycare Expo. Hopefully, it can help men protect their skin from the harmful effects of the environment and have beautiful, healthy skin full of confidence. A few other things to keep in mind are to avoid bad habits such as drinking alcohol, smoking, staying up late, etc. These factors can make your skin more sensitive, prone to irritation, and premature aging.


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