Beautycare 2024 - Lipstick Trend
Beautycare 2024 - Lipstick Trend

Lipstick magic! It’s more than just color – it’s a confidence boost and a way to rock your unique style.

Beautycare Expo brings you the hottest 10 lipstick shades of 2024, ready to set the beauty world ablaze! Discover stunning trends, from chic nudes to vibrant pops of color, and find the perfect shade to unleash your inner icon. Don’t miss out on these must-have beauties!

1. Choose the right lipstick color for your skin tone

The right lipstick color can help you enhance your lips and make you look more attractive and charming. According to a survey, Asian women have four main skin tones: fair, medium, sun-kissed, and dark. Here are some tips for choosing the right lipstick color for you.

  • Lipstick colors for fair skin: Try nude colors, brown-pink, burnt orange, brick red, and orange-red. Light colors can help your face look more rosy and less pale.
  • Lipstick colors for medium skin: This skin tone is quite common. Some lipstick colors like burgundy, brick red, orange-red, etc., can make your smile more attractive. Limit using nude colors if you don’t wear makeup because your lips will look quite pale.
  • Lipstick colors for sunkissed skin: Choose colors like ruby red, orange-red, etc. Avoid brown, bright red, or purple tones that make your face look unfriendly and fierce.
  • Lipstick colors for dark skin: A little bit of red will help your face immediately catch attention. Limit using colors that are similar to your skin tone, and prioritize choosing lip colors that match your outfit instead of the makeup concept.

2. Top 10 beautiful lipstick shades that are trending in 2024!

2.1 Burgundy lipstick – Charming and elegant

Burgundy lipstick is a symbol of charm and elegance in the beauty industry. It is expected to continue to be a star and one of the most popular lipstick shades in the beauty world in 2024.

Burgundy lipstick is often used by cosmetics brands to create high-end makeup products. This lipstick color can suit a variety of skin tones, from light to dark.

However, to avoid the burgundy lipstick from becoming too dark and heavy, users should apply light makeup in other areas of the face. If you use too much of this color, it will cause a feeling of overload and will no longer create the sophistication of the color tone.

2.2 Brown-milk tea lipstick – Warm and gentle

Brown-milk tea lipstick is a warm and gentle lip color that brings a sense of comfort and relaxation. This color is inspired by milk tea, which is popular among young people.

Brown-milk tea lipstick can suit a variety of skin tones and makeup styles. In addition, brown-milk tea lipstick also brings a youthful, fresh, and energetic feel. Using this color can help you create a natural and feminine makeup style, or sometimes even create a unique and personal style.

Brown-milk tea lipstick

2.3 Mauve Lipstick – Charming and Stylish

One of the lipstick colors predicted to be in the top trends in 2024 is mauve lipstick. This is a blend of pink and earthy brown, giving a soft, elegant, and trendy look. This lipstick color will be one of the important steps in makeup, helping women to have a super charming and stylish makeup layer to confidently participate in parties.

Mauve Lipstick

2.4 Terracotta Lipstick – Natural Highlight

Terracotta lipstick is a lipstick color that is extremely popular in the beauty community and is known as the “lipstick for dark skin.” Terracotta lipstick has a warm, natural tone, making lips look vibrant and fresh. In addition, terracotta lipstick also helps to make lips more defined, while creating an impressive highlight in a natural makeup style.

Terracotta Lipstick

2.5 Peachy Nude Lipstick – Fresh, Feminine, and Young

Peachy nude lipstick is a blend of peach and pink, giving a fresh, feminine, and youthful look. This lipstick color is suitable for many skin tones, especially fair and tanned skin, as well as many makeup styles, from light to glamorous.

2.6 Rosy Nude Lipstick – Delicate and Elegant

Rosy nude lipstick is also one of the lipstick colors predicted to “make waves” in the beauty market in 2024. Rosy nude is a light pink color that is close to the natural skin tone, giving a delicate, ethereal, and refined look. Rosy nude lipstick is especially suitable for girls with fair and tanned skin, helping to enhance the skin as well as create an impressive, light accent for the entire face.

2.7 Soft Coral Lipstick – Fresh and Youthful

Soft coral lipstick is predicted to be a hot trend lipstick color in 2024 by many makeup enthusiasts. This is because it is a coral shade mixed with peach, giving a fresh, feminine, and youthful look to girls when applied to the lips. This lipstick color is also not too picky about skin tone, can be used for many different skin tones from tanned to fair. In addition, the lipstick can also meet well with many different makeup styles from light to glamorous.

Above is the Top Beautiful Lipstick Colors Leading the 2024 Trends. We hope that through this article, Beautycare Expo will help you choose the lipstick color that suits your skin tone, express yourself, and enhance vitality for your daily life.

On April 18 – 20, 2024, Beautycare Expo 2024 returns to ICE Hanoi with over 300 booths from 250 famous brands. Join now to directly experience and update the latest lipstick color trends from famous brands, receive beauty advice, and have the opportunity to participate in beauty trend seminars. This is a great opportunity for you not only to admire a variety of lipstick colors but also to immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of the beauty industry.

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